I Love Flying With Heli Aviation

Flying is something that humans had attempted to do for a very long time but were never successful at until the Wright Brothers figured it out, and since then we have come up with a number of different ways to fly.  One of the many ways that we have to fly today is heli aviation, and it obviously differs quite a bit from flying a plane.  With a heli, you can kind of fly in place without having to constantly be moving forward in order to maintain your altitude, and that is something that makes it a little bit more useful in certain applications.  There is a reason that news organizations and police departments use helicopters instead of planes, and that is because with helis they are able to stay above a specific area in order to get a good look at it.  This is important whether you are looking for a criminal who is on the run, or if you are trying to cover a piece of news that is happening directly below you.

    This is why I became interested in learning how to fly a heli, and I decide that I was going to go ahead and get some heli lessons so that I would be able to take advantage of this great human technology.  After my first lesson, I had had so much fun that I decided that it was something that I was going to pursue a little bit more.  I took follow-up lessons after that, and these later lessons made me love flying helis even more.

heli aviation

    I have now attained my licensure in order to fly helis on my own, and it has now become a yearly thing in which I rent one and just go flying around all over.